Lush Cosmetics Frozen bath bomb

My review of Frozen bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics Frozen bath bomb has a zesty fresh scent. Filled with neroli, rose and grapefruit oil, Frozen has moisturising qualities. And transforms the bath water into a vivid blue colour. With a hidden surprise in the form of heaps of eco-friendly lustre. So if you want to bathe in a Winter wonderland which leaves your skin smelling and feeling incredible, Frozen is the bath bomb for your next self-care day.

The Frozen bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics launched exclusively in the flagship London Oxford Street store. Whilst in London I visited the store and purchased all of the new and exclusive items to try. And Frozen was my favourite product from the Oxford street Summer launch!

This post was updated in 2020 because Frozen is no longer available to buy. So I have shared my recommendations for the next best thing.

What I loved about this bath bomb

Frozen is one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics. Frozen launched in 2015 and was one of several new bath products which were similar to the classic Twilight. A thick outer shell dissolved slowly, leaving trails of colour and glitter in the bath. And the scent was intense and lingered in the bathroom and on your skin.

Where can I get a Frozen bath bomb?

Frozen is no longer available to buy online or in Lush stores. But it has been included in their online exclusives and holiday gift sets since they took it off the shelves.

What is a good alternative for Frozen?

If you want a Lush bath bomb with that fresh scent, check out Calavera. Similarly to Frozen, Calvera is made with neroli oil and lime. And like Frozen and similar Lush bath bombs from that period, it fizzes slowly and is colourful. Calavera costs £5.95 and is available from Lush stores and the website. So why not grab yourself a treat?

Lush Cosmetics Frozen bath bomb