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Lush Cosmetics Christmas & Halloween haul

3rd October 2015
Lush Cosmetics Christmas

I’ve been excitedly awaiting the Lush Cosmetics Christmas and Halloween collection. But was a little disappointed after sneaking a peak at the US site and seeing some of my old favourites weren’t coming back this year. Especially the Northern Lights bubble bar!.

However when I saw on Instagram the collection was in-store, I took a slight detour after work. And visited the newly refurbished Cardiff Lush store to check it out. Somewhat predictably my disappointment soon vanished when I saw and smelled the new (and returning) products.

What was supposed to be picking up a pumpkin bubble bar quickly turned into a haul. And I now can’t wait to try all of these.


The new Cardiff Lush store has been revamped. And there’s now more room for lots of products.


The new Lush Cosmetics Christmas and Halloween products are spread around the shop. Along with some of the former Lush Oxford St exclusives.


So I ended up getting quite a stash! I’m such a sucker for Christmas and Halloween stuff. This is my favourite time of year.


Thankfully I had Aaron in tow to help lug everything around and find things from my wishlist.


Lush Cosmetics Christmas & Halloween Haul

Whilst I managed to get almost everything I was looking for, Night Wing the little bat shower jelly, Rose Jam shower gel and Lord Of Misrule bath bomb were sold out. All of which besides the illusive Night Wing are on their way from the main site. Seeing the bat shower jelly is sold out has made me want to try it even more. So if you’ve got your hands on one, let me know your thoughts!


I particularly love the sweet scented products I picked up. From left to right, top to bottom: Magic wand reusable bubble bar, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Snow Fairy shower gel, Star Dust bath bomb and Snow Angel bath melt.


This Bar Humbug bubble bar is from the Christmas collection. But I love the purple colour and scent. The Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar is going to be the first product I try.


Also I didn’t expect to love the scents of the Christmas products as much as I do! From left to right, top to bottom: Peeping Santa bubble bar, the Magic Of Christmas wand is my favourite and smells strongly of Cinnamon and spice. Cinders bath bomb, Yog Nog bath bomb, Father Claus bath bomb and Holly Golightly bubble bar.


And lastly I picked up a couple of old favourite: Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. I hope this will help fore-fill my Christmas celestial bath bomb quota as Northern Lights isn’t featuring this year.


In conclusion I can’t wait to try all of the new products and get reacquainted with some of the more familiar ones. And you can expect some reviews in the not so distant future.

Have you checked out the new Lush Cosmetics Christmas / Halloween products? What are you most excited to try?

This post wasn’t sponsored & products featured were purchased by me. You can find similar products to Snow Fairy in my directory.

  • The stuff you picked up looks absolutely amazing! I remember the Snow Angel last year left my skin feeling SOOOO soft! Definitely stocking up on a few of those!

    Rachel |

    • Amy

      Thanks Rachel, I can’t wait to use them all now. Ooh awesome 🙂

      Amy x

  • I miss having a bath SO much and reading this is making me miss it even more! :*(

    They all look amazing!

  • Oh my gosh I am SO jealous of your collection! I need to get down to Lush asap and get some bits (even though I’m still using last year’s Christmas things, but even so!).
    I love that they have revamped the star wand, can’t wait to try it out! xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    • Amy

      Yay do it! That’s awesome (and how I justify this because I know how long my Oxford St haul lasted, I still have a drawer full!)

      Same here, it smells amazing xx

  • Christina Marie

    Wow, super jealous of all these goodies! I’ve yet to pop in and try them out yet but I’m so excited Cinders is back (my all time fave Lush product). Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on some of these! x

    Christina Marie –

    • Amy

      Ooh I’m excited to try Cinders now, I haven’t used it before! Let me know what you get / like 🙂 x

  • I love every single one of these photos and your haul looks and sounds amazing – mega jealous!

    Tore | xo

    • Amy

      Thank you Tore! 🙂 xx

  • They are too cute! I want them all 🙂 and the Halloween and Christmas ones are the best! xx


    • Amy

      🙂 I love the seasonal stuff more than anything xx

  • Everything looks so pretty, I’m in love. The Christmas ones are my favourite, so cute. Lovely post, beautiful photos <3

    Valentina from

    • Amy

      I think Christmas stole it for me this year too. Thank you! xx

  • Sam

    Oh my word, I think I need to get my arse down to Lush! Everything just looks so perfect (it could be your amazing photography but still..!) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    • Amy

      Aw thanks Sam haha, but I can’t take credit, it’s all awesome! About to jump in the bath now (any excuse!) xx

  • i definitely need to make a trip to lush now! i wish the nearest store wasn’t an hour away from me because i’m too lazy to order online haha.

    • Amy

      Haha, it’s so bad I have to pass it on the way home from work … Dangerous! xx

  • I always get SO excited about the Christmas products. I’m loving Snow Fairy so much! Time to stock up…

    Jodie x

    • Amy

      Same here, I love seasonal stuff. I’m loving Snow Fairy! <3

  • Can’t believe how much you got haha!! I really need to get my hands on a few, I hope there is some good things in when I go at the weekend x

    Tamz |

    • Amy

      Haha, I have issues! I’m sure there will be 🙂 x

  • Oooh boy – Snow Fairy is back!? I need to stock up – I just finished last year’s bottle hahaha!

    Tara xx

    • Amy

      Yes! I’m the same, they last me for ages haha. x

  • jodie.keith

    I love lush! I bought a few bits the other weekend but I’m jealous of your little shopping spree!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    • Amy

      I think it’s going to last me for a long time! Hope you enjoys yours! x

  • Albina

    products are gorgeous! they are the pderfect small presents for Christmas

    the only thing LUSH is a kind of overpriced brand in Russia

    better than yesterday

    • Amy

      Ah that’s such a shame 🙁 hopefully they reduce the pricing a bit. x

  • Omg, those magic wands look so pretty. I wonder how did they smelt like?c:

    • Amy

      Very much like Snow Fairy … I miss that scent family 🙁 xx