As part of my Kiko haul last week, I got some lip products. I tried them straight away and one of them has been worn daily since!

I picked up one of Kiko’s Smart lip pencils in a nude shade, 700. I hoped it would be similar to Illamasqua’s Woo which is on my wishlist and I think it’s pretty close. The pencil blends well and lasted all day.


In my teens I had a plumping lipgloss from TwoFaced which I adored, I think it had chilli in and it did plump lips but it would only last for a short while. I spotted this plumping lip gloss in Kiko and decided to take a punt on it.

I’m very glad I did, because this product is amazing. So amazing, I’ve worn it daily and gone back for more colour.

It works by plumping lips -no chilli here, but it does have a slight minty taste- and making them appear bigger and smoother. It contains HA (Hyaluronic Acid which I’ve written about a bit in my post on Pestle & Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Serum) which deeply hydrates the lips whilst being worn. This product stays on for hours, which for such a glossy product I didn’t expect.

I wanted to achieve fuller lips but am on the fence about fillers for me, but this lipgloss is pretty convincing. I just wish there was a way to wear it matte.



Whilst I really rate the first two products I got, I can’t get on with the last as well, a lip marker in 101, a brown nude tone. To line, this product is interesting, but I found the pen tip felt dry pretty quickly and I couldn’t get it to apply evenly on the inner lips, which made it look like rubbed off lipstick from the start.

What this product is good for, is an ombre lip, but as it stays quite well, when the lipstick wears off it could look a bit strange.

Have you checked out any of Kiko’s lip products?

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