Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon Scented Candle

I was lucky enough to be given this candle as a get well soon gift, but fell in love with the scent so much I felt it deserved it’s own post on my blog.


The fragrance is called Sweet Almond & Macaroon and it’s delicious, every time I smell it I’m transported back to Paris. Whilst the scent is very sweet, it’s delicate and not sickly. This is one of those scented candles which completely fills the room with fragrance.


This candle was such a lovely gift to receive as it feels so luxurious, inside the ribboned box besides the candle are long matches which are perfect for candles and matte black in colour.


I’m now completely addicted to this scent and wish Jo Malone had other products with the same scent so I could fill my house with it. I celebrated my bedroom being finished by lighting this and it totally lifted my spirits whilst ill.


This was initially a Christmas scent but was brought into the permanent range through popular demand.

What’s your favourite Jo Malone scent?