Iceland Summer Road Trip – Geysir

17th June 2015

After spending the day at Inside The Volcano we headed towards Geysir. Where we would be staying for the night. We booked a room at Hotel Geysir, which overlooks the Geysir geothermal area.

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The hotel was modern and minimalist with a concrete bathroom and walk-in shower. After eating food in the restaurant we decided to make the most of the Midnight Sun and walk around Geysir without the crowds. We went at about 10pm and pretty much had the place to ourselves.


Getting to see such a popular tourist spot so empty was surreal. We sat on a bench in-front of Strokkur and talked about the day we’d had.


Whilst driving we passed many fields of horses, I couldn’t resist stopping to say hello. The Icelandic horse is said to be one of the purest breeds, as since the Vikings brought them to Iceland little has changed in their bloodline.

Icelandic Horses