Home Decor Details – The Bathroom

Our bathroom was actually completely redone a year ago, but whilst renovating the rest of the house we made some changes to it which finish it off. The bathroom is one of my favourite rooms, I love nothing more than hiding from the world in a hot bath with my phone propped up behind the tap, streaming the Real Housewives of somewhere or other.

There’s absolutely no consistency between the rooms in my house when it comes to themes or a common kind of style. We have taken some inspiration from Scandinavian decor but the kitchen is I guess modern and our bathroom is mostly Victorian, just because I felt like it at the time. I have no idea if other people are organised enough to choose a consistent style, but I’m a big fan of cramming in inspiration from all over the place.

Our bathroom walls are tiled with white metro tiles and dark grout. The bathroom suite is in a Victorian style to match the tiles and originally I had a white lino floor. The floor tiles began to lift after not very long and I always felt like there was too much white in the room and the floor looked a bit lost.

I fell in love with black honed marble tiles in Manderin Stone -whilst there looking for something else entirely- and decided to change the bathroom floor whilst doing the other work on the house. I love the contrast now and how the floor ties in with the wall tiles and grout.

The walls were grey and after painting the hallways grey, I decided to go for more of a bold colour in the bathroom to contrast against all the white. I chose a jade colour which I really love, it’s such a regal colour.

The bathroom is one of my favourite spaces and a fun room to decorate as the hard work was done and we could concentrate on colours and stone.