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Hitting pan & why I'm not buying new makeup for a while

The upshot to blogging about makeup and beauty, is always being in the know when something new launches. Occassionally I get sent products to try. And every day I read other blogs, featuring various products. Naturally since blogging about makeup, I’ve accumulated more. But every so often I have to remind myself that I don’t need that latest release. It’s ok to be selective and hold out for things you love. The last eyeshadow I found myself hitting pan on was Sin, from my original -& beloved- Naked palette. The one which was released in twenty-ten. SEVEN years ago!

This photo is how makeup should look. Battered. Used. Like it’s been shoved unceremoniously in many a handbag, suitcase or drawer. Not exactly the normal blogger aesthetic. But real. And the sign of a much loved product.

Maybe if I had given in and bought the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills palette -Subculture- I could have improved that pan hitting ratio dramatically (shade intended). But I’ve refrained. And intend to do so, until i’m hitting pan on a lot more of my products. All makeup should get this much use. Every product I’ve raved about on my blog should be too wrecked after a year to photograph for the blog. If it’s not, it hasn’t been used enough. And I probably could have lived without it!

Sell By Dates

Makeup is largely not self preserving. And should be thrown away after a while. I’ve heard various horror stories about using old makeup. But in all honesty, I never pay attention. Mascara and lipstick being the exception. Some of my lipsticks I’ve kept for years. Others go off and have to be cut or chucked. I hate wasting stuff, so do this only if it’s needed. Mascara shouldn’t be kept for more than 6 weeks, which is why I never buy high-end mascara. Although if I’m honest, I keep mine for a lot longer than the 6 weeks advised.

I’m not suggesting anyone else should do this. Purely that to me, throwing out perfectly good makeup is incredibly wasteful. I exercise common sense, if it looks gone off, fine. If it still works, smells / looks normal … Why would I throw it away?

I bought some of my MAC brushes 10 – 12 years ago. The MUA told me that if I looked after them, they would last for 10 years plus. I took this seriously as at the time, they felt extortionately expensive. After years of careful care, they are still going strong. Although I have to admit they’re so much better made than the new brushes. Especially the duo-fibre ones which lose hairs constantly.

Unused Makeup

Every few years I have a big clear out. And I’m always horrified at how much makeup I don’t use. I’ve got a lot better with this in recent years. But it’s so easy to buy something and not like it. Or use it as much as you imagined. I’ve become a lot more sensible with purchasing. And regularly gift things to friends, or sell if unused.

I love having a nose at other blogger’s makeup collections. But some videos / posts can feel so obnoxious. Think extreme hoarders. Only with expensive, unused makeup. I admire the bloggers and influencers who get tons of PR sent products. But who make sure they donate them. And pass them on, so they’re not wasted.

Falling For The Hype

With so much excitement around new launches, it’s easy to get caught up. I’ve stopped buying products on their launch dates. As that can really go either way! I loved the Naked Heat palette I picked up, without swatching. But was so glad I didn’t rush into buying SubCulture. As I have a feeling I may have been really disappointed.

As I’m always saying, makeup is so subjective. The best way to avoid buying items you won’t use, is to check them out fully yourself before buying. The trend of limited edition releases is showing no sign of going anywhere. Brands creating panic by limiting stock, so everyone rushes to get one. I’m personally fed up of this. Especially from huge brands who it’s pretty obvious have no concerns about their stock selling. And who will release run after run after launch.

hitting pan

Hitting Pan

I’m not buying anymore makeup, unless it falls into one of two criteria. It’s a refill for something I use all the time. Or it’s especially special. Something which after consideration, I still think worth getting. These items should be few and far between.

I want to actually use the products in my collection. To enjoy them, not hoard them. There will be tons of eyeshadows in each palette I’ve barely used. Enough to fill several new palettes over. I want to force myself to use colours I’m less comfortable with. And to get excited about new purchases again. As they’ll be more of a rarity.

My Tarte In Bloom palette is one of my most used. I’m venturing towards hitting pan on a few shades. So of course got really excited about the upcoming launch of a new one, the Tarte Toasted palette. However the shades are incredibly similar to that of the Naked Heat palette. And various others I own. This would be a prime example of a wasteful purchase for me. So it’s one I’m going to try and avoid.

I’ve written it on my blog. So I now have to stand by it. I’ll check in next year and be totally honest about how well I stuck to my self-imposed project hitting pan, spending ban.

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  1. I know what you mean. I buy makeup I really love but sometimes I do it for the sake of blogging and there are products I haven’t used more than once, which is a shame since they are nice products.


  2. I’ve been forced to do this because my money is really limited because I’m working towards a big saving goal. I’ve bought hardly any new make up recently and I’ve been making an effort to rotate things within my collection. Although I always want the new things that are launched it’s good to hold back and my bank account is certainly thanking me too!


    1. I think sometimes it’s good to be forced to do it, as it reminds us it’s actually not that bad & it’s great to use the stuff we already have 🙂

  3. This is brilliant!
    I feel the same way – wanting to use the makeup I have, and hating seeing so much gone to waste. I used to have over 50 red lipsticks, and so many products going unused after only one try as I’d always reach for “Old Faithful” as it were.
    It was one of the driving forces behind my recent makeup purge.
    Going forward, I’ll only be purchasing products after swatching, consideration, and if there’s a “need” more so than a “want”.
    So this is brilliant, and I look forward to those new colour combinations!

    xx Bry Jaimea

    1. I’m the same with nudes and reds, yet as you say always go for the same ones! I did a big purge and am determined not to fill my drawers back up again. Thanks Bry! X

  4. Loved reading this post! I need to do something like this, I have so many unloved beauty products, I need to do something about it. I think I need to actively shop my stash rather than the aisles of Boots and Superdrug xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  5. Yes I totally agree with everything in the post!! I always like to dream of having vanity drawers with perfectly organised makeup compartments but in reality I don’t have money to waste on lots of products which I may never use again! I would rather stick to my staple items which look battered and used in my makeup bag haha! Such a great relatable post to read Amy, I loved it xx

    Tash | natashatodd.co.uk

  6. Totally agree! I love buying makeup and I use all of my products but rarely hit pan. Why would one buy something on won’t use? Saying that, I rarely purchase things online, so I try before I buy. Now, I’m going to cut down shopping significantly in the next few months, so that I can shop my stash first. There’s so much goodness in there to play with 🙂

    1. I find I have a lot of stuff I do use, but there’s so much of it I never get through it and keep buying similar stuff. I’d love to shop your stash I bet it’s amazing haha! X

  7. I’m kinda jealous on you hitting that pan! It happens rarely with my makeup collection. But it does happen with some products, still. I try not to buy any makeup that I don’t need. That would be lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows.. I have a ton and I’m not running out any time soon. Products that I do repurchase are concealer, foundation, brow pen and mascaras. I like the idea of trying to make most of what you already own and not constantly buy new.

    x Charlotta | http://www.charlottaeve.com

    1. Same here, since that palette I don’t think I’ve done it in any other which is so bad. And I bought a replacement Sin which is practically untouched haha. I always repurchase my standard stuff like foundation and brows, but even then I sometimes think I’ll try something new and regret it. I’m going to be a lot better! X

    1. It’s a bad path to go down I think! That is really good to hear, I’m thinking I’ll be at that point next year if I carry on X

  8. Ah I can’t agree enough with this post! I’m always in shock when I see Youtube videos showing whole cabinets of makeup, like how do they ever get around to using everything? I think my collection is rather small compared to other beauty bloggers and I’ve yet to hit pan on any of my palettes, and so I’ve been making a more conscious effort to refrain from buying new makeup unless I absolutely love it. That or I should try wearing makeup more often to go through my products quicker, lol

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    1. It’s so bad, some of the hoarding from larger bloggers and YouTubers is so wasteful. Same here! I work from home so have to admit I’ve used a lot less than when I was working in the office every day X

  9. I feel like I kept buying makeup, but never finishing any which is bad! I need to do a good clear out of all the old makeup that has been there faaaar too long!
    Nicole Nicoleannx x

  10. This is such a great post as I think there can be a lot of pressure to ‘keep up’ and constantly be consuming the latest stuff so this post was a breath of fresh air for me to read. While I do need to update some of own make-up – I’ve had my mascara for well past it’s use by date – oops – I’ve reduced my own make-up kit hugely since my teens and now I stick to a fairly basic set of what I use each day, and I always just replace what I ue when it runs out or when I need it now, especially as make-up is so expensive now too so I try to spend as little as possible, and every now and again I might try a new item, but compared with the mini make-up hoard I had when I was at uni, it’s much easier to manage now, so this was a great post to read. – Tasha

  11. This is such a great post! I really used to buy into the “gotta have it all” culture, but actually I look at my little stash of palettes and think as if I SERIOUSLY need any more! My Naked 2, which I bought at the year of release, has been well loved but I still haven’t hit pan on more than 2 shades. You’ve written this perfectly. xx


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