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Hello + A Quick Update

14th October 2018

It’s been seventy-five-thousand years since I last posted and I felt compelled to write something. In truth this past year has been a total write off blogging wise and I didn’t do much better whilst pregnant. Life has got in the way and somehow I feel I’ve got nothing to write about or say anymore.

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I’m busy trying to get a new business off the ground, whilst only working part time. On top of that we’ve got a big trip coming up and lots going on offline (or IRL for anyone else old enough to remember MSN and the struggle of dial up). I’m working on a new blogging project for 2019; A travel blog dedicated to Arctic / Nordic / Northerly travel which I’m excited about and inspired by. But I still miss whatever this is … Lifestyle blogging? Half arsed beauty blogging (by someone massively unqualified to have an opinion). Writing about my inane life? Whatever it is, I love reading similar blogs and over the past few years have gotten a lot of joy out of it.

By 7pm my brain is frazzled. I round up the various Teletubbies and stacking blocks from around my living room, before collapsing in a heap in front of the fire and TV. But it’s not a lack of time that’s the main culprit when it comes to this blogger’s block … It’s a lack of headspace. I’m very rarely on my own, something that’s taken a bit of adjusting to. And whilst I love the company of my daughter and vastly prefer our life with her in it, I’ve become aware of how much free time I no longer have. Not free time to go out on date nights or holidays or any of the things I worried about pre-baby. But to just daydream, have a coffee in silence or sit with my headphones in on the way somewhere.

It was during those moments of thought wandering that I would think of things I wanted to blog about. Or things I wanted to do / try / buy which may end up spawning a post. And of course I’m still doing things I could share on my blog, but it just doesn’t occur to me to do so until it’s too late. I’ve fallen out of the habit.

So here I am. I’m writing this update to try and push myself to blog again. Will it work? I’m not sure, but at the very least I thought it would be good to drop in and note what’s been happening lately.

  • My maternity leave has ended and I’ve gone back to work. I’ve started a new business and have a new place to work from, a co-working space locally filled with creatives (and the occasional dog). I’m really enjoying being back at work and in the new studio … So am excited about what the next year will bring in that respect.
  • We’re going to Canada! And soon. So expect lots of photos of our trip in the coming months. If there’s one thing that I love writing about, it’s holidays and travel. Whilst I’m starting a new blog about just that, it’s intended to be more of a -useful- guide to the places we’ve been like Iceland / The Arctic etc and stuff about that part of the World generally, not somewhere I’d post diary style updates from our trips. Think more ’10 Free Things To Do In South Iceland’ and less 9032 photos of the amazing hot chocolate I drank on holiday (thanks Tara for that heads up). Posts a bit like my 5 Things I Love About The Polar Night one and not like my rambling tale of the time I massively underestimated the difficulty of a glacier hike in Svalbard and accidentally demanded a Norwegian stranger hold my hand (which I appear to have deleted … As it was probably too embarrassing for the internet). My point being there’s room for both blogs.
  • In an attempt to avoid any future glacier hike related incidents, I’ve started getting into fitness a bit. I know, who even am I?
  • Aurora will be 1 soon. Her pull along Noo Noo arrived this morning and I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of her ball pit (online shopping is wild these days). Time has flown and she amazes us daily with her hilarious personality and new skills. 
  • I’ve had a guts full of Instagram. The bots / the fact no one sees your photos / the fakery and pretence / the same old shite replicated across 2908239 accounts … It’s boring. And whilst it’s a necessary evil a lot of the time, I’ve set my account to private and whittled my feed down to just content I want to see. I’m using it for the sake of it and actually enjoying it again, which is novel. However if you want to see some Canada photos and travel stuff, my new account is @adventureupnorthblog.

So that’s it really. A fairly pointless post, but a post never-the-less! What have you been up to?