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The Eyeshadow Palettes You Need In Your Collection

I’m a sucker for pretty eyeshadow palettes. Just yesterday I found myself coveting the new Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette, despite it costing a whopping sixty quid and containing colours I have in lots of other palettes. I’d like to own it just so I could perch on the edge of my bed like Gollum and stroke it, whilst muttering ‘my precious’ and pushing to the back of my mind, the kidney I had to sell.

But on a serious note, there’s just something inspiring about a new palette. I’d love to be able to look at my eyeshadows and think of all the warm toned Autumn looks I could make. But us mere mortals who are not MUAs normally need more of a push. Like a nicely arranged, warm toned palette and the subsequent looks which pop up online for inspiration.

As I wrote recently in my post about hitting pan, I’m not buying any new makeup for a while. I want to use what I’ve got and that especially applies to eyeshadow palettes. So I’m trying to give them all more love. But I have to admit, I play favourites. There are just some which I find myself reaching for over and over. The palettes which I think everyone should own.

eyeshadow palettes

The Matte One

Eyeshadow palettes typically contain fewer Matte shades than shimmers. Unless you’re a professional disco dancer or Dragrace contestant, you likely don’t need that much glitter in your life. The shimmers always grab my attention and make me want a palette in the first place. But day in day out, it’s the mattes which build my every day looks.

A good Matte palette is so versatile. I built mine using Makeup Geek single shadows, so the shades are perfect for my skin tone. The lightest shade -beaches & cream- is ideal for setting my eyeshadow primer. And I can build up from there. As the shades are very close, they blend effortlessly into one another. These neutral tones are perfect for using as transition shades with other palettes. Or on their own for blended Matte looks.

eyeshadow palettes

The Everyday One

If I had to pick one palette to use for a year, it would be the In Bloom Tarte Tartlette. I can create so many quick looks for every day. Usually using mattes, with a pop of glittery shade Funny Girl which is my go-to inner eye highlight. For a more dramatic look there are darker tones I love and some really pretty shimmers.

If you’re one of those people with an active social life, I imagine this palette would be a dream for taking one look from day to night. Although this is purely speculation on my part, as my current idea of taking a look from day to night is rubbing it off and getting into PJs.

eyeshadow palettes

The Neutral One

I know they’ve all been neutral so far, but that’s just my preference. So It’s probably no surprise that I think everyone needs good neutral eyeshadow palettes in their collection.

I love trying new things but some days you just need a quick makeup look, without any faff. Step in the Naked palettes. Depending on your style, you’ll likely have a preference for Naked 1, 2 or 3. Personally I’m a fan of the OG one, although 2 is a close runner up (& I own / use them all). It’s so easy to create eyeshadow looks for all occasions with these palettes. From a ‘no makeup’ look to a blended shimmery smoky masterpiece.

eyeshadow palettes

The Colourful One

So I don’t exactly do colour, on a day to day basis. I have some really colourful palettes (honestly!) but do find they come out rarely.

I wasn’t sure if I would use the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, as the pinks intimidated me. But I took the plunge and it’s one of my all time favourites.

The formula is out of this world -the best I’ve used!- and I really love the colours. Me being me, I have found a ton of matte neutral looks I can create using Modern Renaissance. But I also do love the pops of colour. And regularly reach for the brighter shades of this eyeshadow palette.

eyeshadow palettes

The Fancy One

I love makeup that makes you feel good. And so think we all need that one eyeshadow palette you reach for when it’s a special occasion or you just need a bit of glam. For me, that’s the Master palette by Mario, again from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The colours are right up my alley, with the odd pop of colour to break up the neutrals. But I love the finely milled glitter in these eyeshadows and the luxurious colours.

eyeshadow palettes

The Warm One

Autumnal colours and warm tones are all the rage at the moment. And I’m living for it. It’s a trend I can get behind so have been rinsing the Naked Heat palette of late. You can pull off casual, grungy, or fully blown fiery smoky eye looks with this palette. There are lots of other warm toned palettes being released throughout Autumn so now is the perfect time to pick one up if you’re feeling inspired. The eyeshadow palettes featured were not sent for review and this post was not sponsored. For more information, check out my disclaimer. You can find similar products to these eyeshadow palettes in my directory.

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  1. You featured some beautiful palettes here, a few I own myself and many on my wishlist! I have the Naked 1 and I still find myself going back to it from time to time. The Modern Renaissance is so pretty, but a lot of the colors overlap with my existing palettes so I haven’t been able to justify purchasing it.

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  2. To be honest, I don’t own many eyeshadow palettes but what’s been in my wishlist for ages is the Modern Renaissance one, such a gorgeous palette and those purple shades are gorgeous!! x


  3. LOVE this post – wanted to try the modern renaissance palette for so long, the pinks are what is selling it to me! haha! I picked up subculture by anastasia when I was on holiday this year and loving it so far! x


    1. They’ve got another one out already haven’t they? Jealous of your holiday purchases, I’d love to raid a Sephora again soon X

    1. I love Makeup Geek, they’re well worth checking out if they ship to the US! And ABH MR is one of my all time favs. I love a warm toned palette too X

    1. I think you’d get on so well with it, I can’t recommend it enough. Just wish I could justify getting their new warm toned one, wah! X

  4. I really love the look of the shadows on the warm palette and the neutral shades ones. They’re the kinds of colours I go for day-to-day and for evening or a fancy event I like darker shades, so this post is really useful, will be bookmarking for future reference! – Tasha

  5. There is definitely something inspiring about eye shadow palettes. And they’re my weak spot! I always grab the ones, with some gorgeous blue shade in there haha. But you’re right – the matte shades are the real deal, and every girl needs those in her life. πŸ™‚

    x Charlotta

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