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Cosy Evening Essentials

3rd February 2017

Not to be overly negative but I’m so glad to see the back of January! It’s my least liked month; It’s dark, wet and after the excitement of Christmas and holidays everything just feels a bit flat. During these Winter months when asked what I’ve been up to my answer is usually the same, not much. Work and a lot of doing nothing, although if I’m honest I quite enjoy doing nothing sometimes. Whilst I moan about how boring January is, there’s something to be said for having time to spend curled up in-front of a good TV show, making time for self care and enjoying the little things.

I love binge watching TV shows, dare I say it more than I enjoy watching films nowadays. My attention span seems to have become more limited and I prefer an hour programme which grabs me, so I’ll often end up watching several in a row anyway. During the Summer months I like to get out as much as possible and so don’t watch a huge amount of TV, but during these cold dark days I like to curl up under a blanket and raid my favourite streaming services for entertainment. My Winter dream is to kit out the study with more bean bags and a huge 4k TV from the Panasonic 4K TV Range.

My favourite shows to binge currently are on Hay-U, the reality TV streaming service which I think was made purely to satisfy my seemingly insatiable need for really awful trashy television. I’m currently hooked on the latest series of Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH.

I’m also pretty devastated Celebrity Big Brother is finishing tonight -Jedward to win obviously- and am contemplating re-watching all of The Hills to help fill the Speidi void.

There’s an unofficial rule in my house which states it’s against the law to wear normal clothes past 6pm. If I’m done for the evening, have no where to go and no one coming over, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll be in my PJs or a onesie.

Hot drinks are definitely essential for a cosy Winter evening. If I had it my way I’d drink coffee from noon until night but being human and requiring sleep that’s sadly not an option. I’ve switched to these mint herbals teas and I’m loving them.

Besides lazing around in-front of the TV and log burner, I love spending my Winter evenings cooking. We’ve just renovated our kitchen so there’s loads of room to create delicious vegetarian Winter warmers and comfort food. I like putting music or TV on in the background and trying random meals from magazines, cook books and Pinterest (with varying success!).

This post was sponsored but the words, images and majestic unicorn onesie are all my own.

  • Ah I love this post I so agree January can be flat and I am so happy we are now in Feb. Really lovely post, the perfect night. Xxx

    • Amy

      Thank you! I’m so glad it’s Feb too <3

  • Karen Williams

    I’m all for cozy. I’ve just ordered a personalised all in One Company onesie. Can’t wait to share it when it arrives.

    Karen x
    JinksyBeauty x

    • Amy

      Ooh that sounds awesome looking forward to seeing it! <3

  • I love big brother and will be so sad tonight when it ends, Jedward annoyed me at first but they have grown on me and I find them hilarious now ha ha, I always get into my PJs too, it’s good to be comfy, I haven’t ever had a onesie, I always get hot so I think they’d be a tad warm for me but my eldest also has a unicorn one and looks so cute in it 🙂 xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    • Amy

      I feel like I’m lost for something to watch each night now, wish the normal one was on straight after haha. I do find they get ridiculously hot especially with the fire or heating on haha <3

  • I love being comfy too! I would happily walk around in pjs day and night if I could haha xx

    • Amy

      Same here haha <3

  • Fiona

    I loved this post and I spend as much time as I can in my pjs

    Fiona xx

    • Amy

      Thanks Fiona, it has to be done! <3

  • Zorica
    • Amy

      Thanks Zorica <3

  • Watching Housewives of Beverly Hills, Orange County & New York is my guilty pleasure. My day is so hectic that it’s just nice to take half an hour to plonk myself down on the couch whilst the baby is a sleep and watch rubbish! I’ve never heard of Hay-U though, think I need this in my life.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    • Amy

      They’re so addictive! Ah I think you would love it, it’s something like £3 a month and all the series are on there <3

  • Makeup Musings

    I’m glad to see the back of it too! It’s all about Netflix in bed for me. I’m watching gossip girls at the moment 🙂

    Annie x |

    • Amy

      Can’t beat a bit of Netflix in bed <3

  • We totally get into our PJ’s after 6pm!!! I have so many casuals & comfies it’s embarrasing! I will be watching CBB tonight. x

    • Amy

      Haha I think I have more than normal clothes, I’d make a terrible fashion blogger haha <3

  • As soon as I get in from work it is PJs in ours too! We have binged so much on Netflix in jan to get us through 🙂

    Kenzie x
    Kenzie | LemonaidLies – Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

    • Amy

      It has to be done! x

  • So excited for a cosy evening xx

    • Amy

      Yess! x

  • I love your inhouse rules of no normal clothes after 6pm – I have a very similar mindset! You can’t beat a cosy night in x

    Cass |

    • Amy

      You really can’t! <3

  • Yara & Jude

    Great post! Loving your blog. Thanks for the comment on our blog x

    We just followed you on Google+ and Bloglovin’, thanks for the love


    • Amy

      Thank you 🙂 Following you too <3

  • leah rachel

    Absolutely love this post and I can definitely relate to it a lot! There is nothing better than getting comfy in a onsie and watch a good tv series!

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

    • Amy

      Totally <3

  • I like your law hahaha, I’d fit right in! I always have a cup of tea before bed, usually a red rooibos or a chai though. 🙂

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • Amy

      haha :), ah they both sound nice <3

  • Yiotou_La

    Cosy nights are the best!!! Wine, pyjamas and tv shows is all I need for the perfect night. And pizza!!


    • Amy

      Yes!! x

  • Georgia Hathaway

    I absolutely love cosy nights in! Hot bath, pyjamas and tea, what’s not to like! Loved this post.

    Georgia x

    • Amy

      Thanks Georgia x

  • Violet Sutcliffe

    I’m pleased to see the back of January too- I think it is a dark month! But being able to combat it with things to make it nice and cosy it makes it just that bit easier ;-)!

    Violet xxx

    • Amy

      It’s so dark and miserable. Totally agree <3

  • I used to be obsessed with RHOBH LOL I haven’t watched it for about a year now but you have inspired me to go and catch up. Haha. Have a lovely day! Gemma x

    • Amy

      Haha they’re the best for binging <3

  • That onesie is sooo cute I need it in my life.

    Lauren x Huggled

    • Amy

      Thanks Lauren <3

  • Karlee Snippa

    I so agree I would rather sit around and binge watch 3 hours of one show than one 2 hour movie haha!

    • Amy

      Haha it’s so weird! <3

  • Amy

    It’s the best haha. I love it <3

  • Awh I am loving this it is making me wanna grab a cosy blanket and just watch tv 😀 Your unicorn onesie is pretty cute too -it looks so soft 🙂 xxx

    Rach |

    • Amy

      Thanks Rach! Can’t beat a lazy weekend and evening sometimes x

  • Ellie

    Love the unicorn onesie!! It looks so cute & comfy. I love cooking too, ive just ordered myself 3 more cookbooks to try out. I just love pouring myself a glass of wine sometimes on a cold evening, I’ll stick on my music and cook something yummy. Thanks for the post :).

    Ellie Xx |

    • Amy

      It’s so comfy :). Ah amazing, I love cookbooks! <3