Coffee Bean Face Mask

Oh K! Antioxidant Coffee Bean Hydrogel Mask

Winter has my skin seriously dehydrated. I’ve stepped up my moisture game when it comes to my skincare routine and am relying on face masks to hydrate or exfoliate. I love coffee, especially on these cold Winter mornings and so couldn’t resist adding the Oh K! Coffee Bean Face Mask to my basket when browsing ASOS.

Oh K!

Oh K! Are a Korean inspired beauty brand who launched in the UK last June. A sub company of London based gift brand NPW, all their products are made in Korea and are cruelty free.

Their packaging is ridiculously cute and very colourful. I’m always drawn to Asian beauty products especially products with packaging like this, but what I love about Oh K! for a Korean skincare novice like me is that the packaging contains English instructions and ingredients.

Oh! K

Korean Skincare

Last Summer Rachel & I attended the Blogger’s Ball event in London. After the event Rachel took me to China Town and we explored the shops and stocked up on a heap of Asian skincare and beauty. I picked up anything which looked cute but realised when I got home that I had no real idea what I had purchased.

One sheet mask -which I may have purchased as it came with a clip in Hello Kitty bow- had an electric thing you put on your ear. Another claimed to make you a ‘Sexy Hello Kitty’ but otherwise gave no clue of it’s purpose. The packaging being entirely in Korean. I attempted to write a post about that haul but never posted it. It was so vague, all I could really say with any certainty was that I enjoyed the products and their cute packaging. I have no idea if they were of any benefit.

For a relative newbie to Asian skincare, Oh K! are great. Their products are easy to get in the UK and their packaging is fully translated. However I appreciate for Korean skincare junkies these products may feel slightly inauthentic.

I’m keen to explore more Korean products which are less novel. Whilst I can’t offer much insight on those at the moment, this post: Skincare 101 by Elese is a must read.

Coffee Bean Face Mask

The sheet mask comes in two parts. A section for your forehead, eyes and cheeks. Another for around the mouth. The active ingredient in this mask is coffee seed extract which claims to brighten skin.

Removing the mask from it’s packet, each section has a protective film. The mask feels very wet to the touch, with lots of excess product coming off. The mask sticks to the face easily and feels comfortable to wear. It feels cool on the skin. The instructions state the mask should be left on for 30 minutes. Once removed, massage any excess serum gently into the skin.

I wore the mask for over an hour. After 30 minutes it was still very wet so I left it on. After using the coffee bean face mask my skin feels noticeably fuller, more hydrated and brighter. Once the remaining serum is massaged into skin, there is a slight sticky residue.

I enjoyed this mask but wouldn’t purchase it regularly as at £6.00 it is pricey for one use. This would make a great stocking filler for the skincare / coffee lover in your life. I picked this up using an ASOS A-list voucher I had accumulated which was due to expire soon, making it a fun -and justifiable- Saturday night treat.

This mask has reminded me I need to trade in my Lush empties for a Cup O’ Coffee mask. Are there any other coffee infused skincare products I should check out?

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  1. Saw your picture on instagram last night and I was waiting for your review. It is quite pricey for one use but sheet masks are a miracle for dry skin, I use lots of them 2-3 a week and I love how my skin feels after using one. I haven’t tried any coffee infused products before and I would love to.


    1. It was pricey for sure, I think for a novelty it was really good. I want to use more as I love the effect, I have that Maybelline one still to try which was only a few pounds. <3

    1. Yeah they definitely are, I’ve got some ‘drugstore’ alternatives to try which I’m hoping will live up to their hype so I can do them more often. Thanks Gemma! xx

  2. I’m fascinated by Korean beauty products! The coffee mask sounds really interesting, especially coming in 2 parts!

    ps – would have loved to have seen the sexy hello kitty lol! x


    1. I want to try more, especially some of the more serious ones! With that said, you can’t beat a sexy Hello Kitty mask every now & again lol.

    1. I think the bean extract has lots of supposed useful qualities, although agree, funny really when drinking it has the opposite effect on skin! x

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