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Charcoal Face Masks | Self Care Sundays *

I love face masks. But rarely made time to use them. That was until they became a bit of a Sunday tradition. And my skin has been so much better off for it! I recently got the chance to try new self-heating charcoal face masks from T Zone skincare. Along with their charcoal cleanser. Both of which I’ve been trying out this month.

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T Zone Charcoal Face Masks

T Zone are a skincare brand, whose range is available to buy from Superdrug. Of the products I tried, I most enjoyed their self-heating charcoal masks. Activated by water, they are best applied to a wet face. As soon as the product makes contact, they warm up. The hot mask ‘opens’ pores which helps the mask remove dead and dry skin. I love charcoal masks but have previously only tried ones which dry down. This product stays wet, making removal far easier. And cutting down considerably on the mess!

Check out T Zone’s charcoal range if you’re on the hunt for some new affordable skincare.

Sunday Plans

How are you spending your Sunday?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been plowing through my baby wishlist. Ordering the last bits and pieces we need before baby arrives. These range from sensible things like car seats, to pom poms and narwhal home decor. I love shopping -who doesn’t?- but have to admit I’ve got online shopping fatigue! I’ve forgotten what I’ve bought and every day a new package arrives. The delivery drivers know this house well.

Today I’ve been reclaiming the house. Putting the baby’s things away in the nursery. And trying to work out if there’s anything we’ve missed. A face mask and bath will be well deserved later. The T Zone range was sent to me for review. You can find similar products to T Zone charcoal face masks in my directory.

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  1. I started using a face mask every Friday when it was my pampering day, then I used one 2 times a week and now it’s every other day, I am hooked! I’ve seen several reviews about these, hope we have them here, I want to try them too! x


  2. Haven’t tried a mask like this before, sounds interesting! My Sundays are so quiet, it’s ridiculous. But I need it. Now I’m back home and chilling but back in London I’d clean the flat, cook, water my flowers on the balcony and then relax for the rest of the day. Sounds boring but I love it!

  3. My biggest gripe with charcoal and clay masks in general is that they dry down really quickly and leave my skin feeling a bit tight when I wash them off, so it’s nice to see one that stays moist! The self-heating aspect also sounds really nice, especially in the winter time!

    Sundays are usually my spa days as well, and including double masking first with a wash off mask and then a sheet mask 🙂

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  4. These sound amazing! I’m desperately in need of a new face mask. Sunday spa days are the best <3

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