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travel diary

5 Unmissable Experiences In Tromsø, Northern Norway

8th June 2018
Whale watching in Tromso

Tromsø is one of the most magical places I’ve been to. A bustling city tucked amongst the fjords, 190 miles North of the Arctic circle. Parts of Tromsø feel so otherworldly, but at the same time so entirely familiar. There’s a busy road network, international airport and the World’s most Northerly university. If you wander the streets after dark (which during Winter is … Almost all of the day) you’re equally as likely to stumble across the Northern lights as a pub playing Norwegian death metal.

Having been to Svalbard and more remote parts of the Arctic since, I have a new appreciation for that aspect of Tromsø. It’s culturally such a cool city, steeped in history and with vibrant local eateries, bars and hangouts. It’s easily accessible with loads to see and do, yet positioned at such a latitude you can see wildlife and landscapes I had previously only dreamed of.