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Hello Again! So Erm, I’m Back Here

22nd March 2018

So I tried a thing. I rebranded my blog and moved my followers across, to a shiny new WordPress install. The AM Beauty Edit. I had visions of it being a daily updated beauty source, with different contributors and an airy, breakfast in bed aesthetic. I kicked it off by posting a handful of reviews and had some nice feedback about the rebrand (thank you!) but after a run of posts totally lost the will to blog. Annoyingly I took -quite literally- hundreds of photos ready for months worth of content. Not a small feet with a newborn and now a complete waste of time.


My Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day 2018 Picks

31st January 2018
Lush Cosmetics Valentine's Day

Happy hump day! And more importantly, happy last day of January, the never ending month. I’m looking forward to February for longer days and cute Valentine’s day launches. I always enjoy the seasonal launches from Lush. After Halloween and Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the next major collection they release. Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day products were available to preorder online this year, so I placed my order a couple of weeks ago not knowing when to expect it to ship. It actually arrived shortly afterwards and so I’ve already had a chance to start working through my haul. And this morning will be sharing my picks with you.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners

23rd January 2018
Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners

Good morning! How was your weekend? The rain scuppered any plans I had of spending time outdoors, so instead I did some much needed beauty admin. Reorganising my most reached-for skincare, in a new bathroom cabinet. Now I can find everything I need which is perfect timing as my skin is hating Winter. Next I need to tackle my makeup drawers, but that’s a -nightmare- job for another day. Something new graced my makeup collection this week, in the form of two Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners. Matte gel eyeliner crayons which come in a range of bright shades to make your eyes pop.


PS … Primark Golden Rose Ice Colour Nail Varnish

21st January 2018
Primark Golden Rose

Morning Beauts! It’s another miserable wet day so I’m wrapped up on my sofa with a coffee. Lazy Sundays for the win. I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been LIVING for Primark beauty. I love the varied range and how frequently they bring out new products. Not to mention the quality for the price. This morning I’m talking about a recent find, the Primark Golden Rose Ice Colour nail varnishes.


Miss Patisserie Glitterati Bath Gift Set

18th January 2018
Glitterati Gift Set

Good morning! Am I the only one who has completely had enough of these grey and rainy days? I’m longing for Spring and doing everything I can in the meantime to stay cosy. For Christmas I was treated to a mammoth selection of Miss Patisserie bath goodies. My nearest and dearest know I love a long bath and thought I would appreciate some pampering after becoming a Mum a few weeks before. They weren’t wrong and totally nailed it with their selection. Colourful baths -which smell delicious!- are the perfect January antidote. As I’ve already began working through my new Miss Patisserie stash, I figured I should share my thoughts with you. Starting this morning with this sparkly gift set, which is aptly named Glitterati.

It’s a colourful one too so creates a truly Insta worthy bath

Glitterati contains four items, two large and two -extremely cute- mini bath bombs. One of the larger bath bombs included was Ziggy. A Miss Patisserie favourite which has a citrus scent and is laced with cocoa butter, leaving skin super soft. It’s a colourful one too so creates a truly Insta worthy bath. As far as I can tell, the large purple bath bomb in the set is called Le Pud and a Christmas limited edition product. The mini bath bombs appeared in another set but are not available to purchase on their own. And can we just address the packaging? It was almost too pretty to open.

Miss Patisserie are vegan skincare specialists who hail from Wales -fist bump- but sell their products nationwide in Boots and online. Their flagship store in Cardiff is gorgeous and well worth checking out if you’re local or visiting.

Each bath bomb in the Glitterati set smelled incredible and I loved the inclusion of two mini bath bombs, which are perfect for a quick dip.

I had to rain check on the Miss Patisserie birthday bash (due to the whole, inconvenient giving birth situation). But have been enjoying their latest products since Christmas and think you’re going to love them. Keep your eyes pealed for more from my haul in the coming weeks.

My Thoughts

+ Vegan and cruelty free
+ Gorgeous packaging
+ All products contain cocoa and shea butter and are really moisturising
+ Lovely scents
+ Colourful and fun to use
– The outer wrapping paper isn’t recyclable and each bath bomb came shrink-wrapped in plastic, which seemed a tad unnecessary.

Obviously the Glitterati gift set was a present, but one I would purchase again or for someone else. I loved the products contained and it’s presentation. My only real criticism is that the packaging could have been more environmentally friendly. I think this is a fab gift for the bath lover in your life. And one I certainly enjoyed receiving.

I hope you have a good Thursday, whatever you’ve got planned. I’m heading to a baby massage class and hoping I don’t get soaked in the process!

This post may contain products sent for review, or affiliate links. For more information read my disclaimer.


Amy Evans X Charlotta Eve

9th March 2017
Charlotta Eve

A few months back I was browsing Bloglovin’ and came across a blog I instantly loved, Charlotta Eve. Filled with full face beat pictorials, innovative skincare and exotic travel. Wanting to find out more about the girl behind the blog I read her bio and felt a little jolt of excitement when I learned that she was Finnish.

I’ve been a regular reader ever since. Charlotta Eve is a professional cosmetologist from Helsinki. She came up with the idea for a Q&A post collaboration. I loved this idea as her blog is a favourite of mine!

Charlotta kindly translated her questions into Finnish for me. I wish I could speak multiple languages, I always think the rest of Europe totally put us to shame as they can speak English perfectly and often multiple languages. One goal of mine is to learn to speak a Scandinavian language as they are quite interchangeable apparently.


Sensodyne Pronamel

31st January 2017

For the past few years I’ve had sensitive teeth -something I attributed in part to the amount of Diet Coke I used to drink- so every few months when it gets painful I’ve pulled out the Sensodyne for a few weeks to reduce it. Sensodyne works wonders in that respect, removing any pain and allowing me to go back to my normal toothpaste in-between.

My reason for not sticking with Sensodyne all the time is largely the taste, it doesn’t feel as refreshing as a normal super minty toothpaste so for me it doesn’t make a good day-to-day product unless I’m experiencing sensitive teeth.

I was invited to try Sensodyne’s Pronamel range which is intended for daily use and fighting one of the leading causes of sensitive teeth, acid erosion.

Enamel is the white outer layer of your teeth which protects what is underneath. If you have healthy enamel your teeth will be very white, although over time acidic foods and drinks erode the enamel and expose the yellow and dull dentine underneath.

Lots of food and drink from fruit to soft drinks and even salad dressing can have a negative impact on tooth enamel. Some of these acidic foods are part of a healthy and balanced diet so rather than trying to cut them out, protecting teeth each day seems like a logical approach.







I was sent to try the Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste, mouthwash and tooth brush. Both the mouthwash and toothpaste have a really minty fresh taste, I’ve been using both for two weeks and haven’t had any issues with my teeth feeling sensitive which can sometimes happen with new toothpastes.

As acid erosion is one of my main dental concerns I like that I’ve discovered a range which can help combat that whilst working as a normal day-to-day routine.


The Blogs I’ve Loved Reading In 2016

26th December 2016

Almost a year ago I started a new ‘series’ on my blog (read: one post) where I listed the blogs I most loved reading. Whilst in retrospect regularly posting this would have been kind of overkill, I think an update is long overdue!

These are the blogs I go straight to in Bloglovin’ and open all posts in new tabs so I can binge. If you’re looking for some new reading material for 2017, these are my suggestions.