Amy Evans X Charlotta Eve

9th March 2017
Charlotta Eve

A few months back I was browsing Bloglovin’ and came across a blog I instantly loved, Charlotta Eve. Filled with full face beat pictorials, innovative skincare and exotic travel. Wanting to find out more about the girl behind the blog I read her bio and felt a little jolt of excitement when I learned that she was Finnish.

I’ve been a regular reader ever since. Charlotta Eve is a professional cosmetologist from Helsinki. She came up with the idea for a Q&A post collaboration. I loved this idea as her blog is a favourite of mine!

Charlotta kindly translated her questions into Finnish for me. I wish I could speak multiple languages, I always think the rest of Europe totally put us to shame as they can speak English perfectly and often multiple languages. One goal of mine is to learn to speak a Scandinavian language as they are quite interchangeable apparently.