Makeup To Make You Feel Good | What’s In My Makeup Bag

makeup bag

I’m sure you’ve seen the meme. The one which says something about having two moods. Or two modes and no in-between when it comes to makeup. Maximum glam and a fully beat face. Or vaguely resembling a swamp monster. I always chuckle when I see it because it’s scarily accurate. I’m very much guilty of […]

My Lush Winter 2016 Haul

I love this time of year! All the seasonal collections launch and Christmas is fast approaching. Tomorrow is the Lush Cardiff Winter blogger event which I’ve been looking forward to since last year’s event was a lot of fun. I like to stock up when the Winter collection lands in store, so decided to do […]

My Wedding – The Photos

Iceland Wedding

I hate photos of myself as a rule so was slightly dreading having our photos taken on our wedding day, but because it was such a special day all I see when I look at these is how happy I was. My mother-in-law is a professional photographer and so she did our photos which made […]

Picking My Own Pumpkin

I’ve always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and pick my own pumpkin like you see on American films and TV, so internally jumped for joy when I saw that Hendrewennol -our local pick-your-own fruit farm- would be having pumpkins this year. The majority of our renovation work is going on throughout October and […]

My Wedding – The Toast

After the ceremony had finished, we put the champagne on ice -quite literally- ready for a toast. It all felt so surreal but after the ceremony I had the chance to just hug Aaron and speak to him for a few moments whilst we took in the fact we were finally married and how amazing […]

My Wedding – The Ceremony

It took about 20 minutes to walk from the car to the glacier edge, along a rough path. Everyone who passed us noticed us -unsurprisingly- and we heard what I assume were congratulations in many different languages. I was so completely panicked with anxiety that I considered asking for a few moments before it began, […]

Kitchen Renovation Inspo


After seemingly months of planning our kitchen renovation is finally underway and I’m beyond excited, albeit slightly less excited about the month of chaos and trying to cook without a working kitchen. We had a good idea of what we wanted but as always, I turned to Pinterest for examples and inspiration. These are some […]

Review / Bodyshop Vitamin E Range

This was going to be more of a first impressions post but as I’ve been using these products for over a month and some of them have run out, I’ll be reviewing them instead (read: I’m behind). I like the Bodyshop when it comes to affordable skincare but have found it’s hit or miss as […]

Cat Proofing Our Garden With Katzecure

Despite my blog name, the cats scarcely get a mention on my blog. I’m aware this post is quite specific and so won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s something we’ve put a lot of work into and I often wished I could have read other’s experiences whilst we were going through the process. People have […]