Blue Lagoon skincare

A post about the Blue Lagoon skincare range from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon spa is well overdue. As mentioned in my recent post about my daily skincare staples, the moisturiser in particular has become a firm favourite.

I was introduced to the range when I received testers as part of my package when visiting the spa, whilst on holiday.

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Blue Lagoon Skincare

The Blue Lagoon is a nature bath which at an insanely comfortable 40° is filled with mineral rich water from the volcanic ground below. The water is an amazingly vivid blue colour which gives it it’s name. All the Blue Lagoon skincare products are made using the salts, silica, algae and minerals from the water which has powerful properties.

It’s worth noting that I’ve given the prices from the website, but if buying in Iceland (they have a shop in the airport as well as the lagoon itself) it’s a bit cheaper as you don’t pay tax. They are premium products though and I can confirm they’re worth every penny, in between trips I’ve had to stock up via the website and haven’t regretted it. They usually do free shipping over a certain amount and have promotional codes so keep an eye out.

Products I Love

For anyone familiar with the lagoon, this is the stuff they have around the side and what you see allover everyone’s faces in photos. This silica mud mask is an intensive cleanser which dries quickly and when exfoliated off removes all the dead skin from your face. It’s quite intensive so I only use this once a week but it’s amazing for refreshing tired looking skin.

Silica mud mask – €70 Mineral moisturising cream

This is the best moisturiser I’ve ever used, bar none. It’s thick and super moisturising but is absorbed quickly. My skin looks visibly better and I’ve noticed great long term improvements after using this for almost a year.

Mineral moisturising cream – €40

Algae Face Mask

The first time I visited the algae mask was given out in the spa itself, but the extremely windy weather means that lots of people dropped theirs, which is why I guess they’ve now changed to providing the masks as testers. On my first visit there I loved it and purchased a full tub, which has lasted me all this time. You only need to apply a small amount but it really does leave the skin feeling soft and free from redness / marks from spots. I find it’s quite a strong mask so I only use it once a month or so.

Algae face mask€75

If you visit the Blue Lagoon it’s well worth upgrading your package so you get these samples and the use of a towel.


I really want to try more Blue Lagoon skincare including the bath crystals, all day face serum and body moisturiser. I’m heading back to Iceland in a few months so will be stocking up!

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