Blue Lagoon Iceland

29th December 2014
blue lagoon

As luck would have it, the day we marked out to spend at the Blue Lagoon had the worst weather. This meant I didn’t feel guilty at the prospect of lazing around for hours at all!

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa and one of Iceland’s most well known tourist traps. Whilst the water does naturally come out the ground hot, the spa isn’t considered fully natural as it has been drilled to expand it to the large resort we see today. The water is mineral rich giving it the amazing blue colour it’s famous for. Natural and full of tourists or not, I was beyond excited to visit.

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The Blue Lagoon is in Grindavik and next to a geothermal power station. Which harnesses the same heat as the lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is located close to Keflavik airport. About an hour and a half’s drive from where we were staying in Selfoss. Our drive was an eerie one. Fog appeared seemingly out of nowhere, making it difficult to see just a few feet ahead.


Reykjanes Lavafields

Lava fields cover huge parts of the Reykjanes peninsula, this field apparently dating back to an eruption as early as 1226.


The fog made these fields even eerier to see. It was amazing to see the site of huge eruptions so long ago.

The Blue Lagoon

We visited the Blue Lagoon on an extremely windy and wet day. So had to contend with 30mph winds and hail pelting us in the face. This was hilarious and only made the experience more surreal. Tired from previous activities, the 35°C – 40°C water was heavenly.

When visiting the spa you’re given an electronic wrist band which is used for entering and getting drinks. We upgraded our package to include a drink and skincare samples.

Dotted around the perimeter of the lagoon are vats of mud for your face. We swam over and applied it, now resembling bog monsters.

After that mask has been removed, an algae face mask was available from the bar. This was green in colour and felt instantly tight. The wind was so bad we had to take shelter under a bridge to put on our masks; First world problems!

The light faded quickly and lights around the lagoon came on. We had so much fun swimming around with drinks. Looking for the hottest spots where the water comes in. And relaxing like I’ve never relaxed before.

The Blue Lagoon is one of those really popular touristy places which absolutely lives up to the hype. They’re well versed in handling masses of people so the whole experience is very streamlined. Whilst it’s always busy, that doesn’t take anything away from it. If you’re in Iceland, definitely make a stop here.