Lush Halloween 2016 Haul

If I’m honest last year’s Halloween offering from Lush left me feeling slightly disappointed. It was grouped with the Winter collection which was considerably larger and featured only a handful of products. I’m still scared by the frustration of trying to shower using that jelly bat thing, which would come flying out of your grip every 30 seconds and stained everything it touched purple.

That year Lush Oxford St had opened and the focus seemed to be on the Summer launch which featured lots of new products, my guess being that Halloween and other smaller holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day had fewer products because of this.

2016 so far has been comparatively quieter for Lush, with no big Summer launches. I’ve been eagerly awaiting news of the Winter launches, hoping for something new and so was excited to get a glimpse of what was coming during the big Lush Creative Showcase event. A week or so later Halloween items launched in-store, having a small headstart before the Winter ones follow.

I picked up everything besides the soap. I love the look and scent of Lush soap but don’t like to use it to wash my hands (I realise that sounds fully insane written down), so just have it around as a kind of decoration or for use after I’ve got clean hands (it’s not sounding any less weird) and so it lasts for an eternity. To be honest if they had a pumpkin soap or something really Halloween themed I likely would have caved anyway but they didn’t really catch my eye. I also gave the Lord’s Of Misrule shower gel a miss as I over zealously bought a giant bottle from Oxford St last year and soon realised I really dislike the scent.

I ended up picking up a Lord’s Of Misrule bathbomb as I recall the scent being less potent than the shower gel. Also returning was sparkly pumpkin bubble bar which I love and so had to get. New for 2016 were: Pumpkin bath bomb, Boo bath melt, Monster’s Ball bath bomb, Lush Autumn Leaf bath bomb and Goth Fairy.

I’ve hoped for a pumpkin bath bomb for years, it seems like such an obvious choice yet we’ve only ever seen that flat version from a few years back. This is scented with cinnamon and vanilla giving it a sweet scent which I tend to prefer.


Autumn Leaf has an earthy scent which feels very Autumnal, where as Monster’s Ball is a zesty, featuring lime and neroli oil. Boo is scented with more citrus tones and made with cocoa butter which also comes through.


Monster’s Ball looks so cute, it reminds me of something from Monster’s Inc. Sadly mine got a bit damaged so if you get this be careful with it, they’re more crumbly than usual.


The little Boo bath melt which reminds me of one of my favourite products, the Star Light Star Bright bath melt.


Lord’s Of Misrule, which whilst not my favourite scent is so colourful and let’s face it, that’s what really matters.


Lastly Goth Fairy is another sweet scented product, this is intended to be used a bit like a massage bar only as it’s not as moisturising, it should be applied afterwards and the sole purpose of it is to deposit perfume and glitter on the skin. It’s not something I think I’ll use frequently but it smells so nice and looks so cute, I couldn’t resist it. When I pass it in the bathroom I apply a streak of glitter to my arm, it reminds me of the Snow Fairy glitter dust I bought at last year’s Lush Winter 2015 event; After coming to the realisation it wasn’t going to get used, I added it to a bath and turned myself into a human disco ball.


I’ve already tried some of these so will post a follow up review, but it’s safe to say I’m pleased with this year’s Halloween launch.

Have you picked up any of the Halloween items?

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  1. I am always so gutted that Lush isn’t closer to me and if I want to go I have to set a day aside for an hour adventure up to Belfast : These all look amazing and I may have to make the journey just to try some of these things 😀 can’t wait for more of your Blogtober content 🙂 x

    1. Ah that is a pain 🙁 do you order online? They’re delivery is always fast. I’m loving this year’s Halloween stuff! I decided against doing full on blogtober – My whole house is upside down at the moment and with work it just felt too hectic. I don’t want to post for the sake of it so instead I’m going to share the posts I liked which I had prepared but not post daily xx

      1. No I never have but I think I might have to if you say the delivery is good 🙂 Awh well that makes sense 🙂 I love your content no matter what and will be looking forward to it whenever it comes 😀 xo

  2. These are all so cute, love the way you’ve photographed them!! Lord of Misrule has always been my favourite bath bomb I’ve tried from Lush, the colours are gorgeous! Can’t wait to try these Halloween goodies though! x

    Tash |

  3. These look so adorable! I don’t get a lot of things from Lush but the pumpkin bath bomb is calling out to me. And the little boo is too cute! x

  4. Oh my gosh, such cute products for the month of October! Love the Halloween theme! Guess it’s time to go back to Lush for me! xo

    McKenzie |

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