Lots of brands have recycle schemes which offer a great way to be greener whilst picking up some free stuff along the way. Whilst Spring cleaning I realised that I have an alarming number of empties, so I took them back to MAC And Lush to recycle and will be explaining how you can do the same, in this post.

Lush Cosmetics are known for being a very conscientious brand who are not only cruelty free but recycle EVERYTHING. As part of this, you can return your packaging to the shop to be recycled and in the case of products sporting the recycle 5 logo, five washed products can be exchanged for a fresh face mask.

All you have to do is clean your pots and take them in-store to exchange, simple! It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Lush but even I was shocked to have enough empties to get two face masks … Oops.

MAC Cosmetics were the first high end brand I got into in my teens and as a result over the past decade I’ve accumulated a lot of their products and subsequent empties.

Now I know MAC have taken a deserved PR hammering over the past year and as a result a lot of people have boycotted the brand. I am a vegetarian and try to avoid products tested on animals, but being completely transparent I am not living an entirely cruelty free life yet. I try to avoid companies who fund animal testing which Estee Lauder would fall under, so haven’t purchased anything new from MAC in a while (It’s also my opinion that in addition to the animal rights issues caused by going more worldwide / mainstream, the quality they were previously known for has also been sacrificed in the past few years … But that’s another story). With that said, I do still use their products as they comprise a sizeable chunk of my collection and I made the decision to utilise their Back To MAC scheme this last time, to get rid of my empties. I’ll let you make up your mind if they’re a brand you want to buy from and just explain the scheme.

It’s called Back To MAC and you can exchange 6 empties for one free one lipstick from their perm collection. Don’t expect as friendly a reception as you’ll get in Lush -I always feel cheeky doing it- but they should accept them in any MAC store.

Over the past ten years I’ve had about ten free lipsticks which isn’t bad going at all. Last week I took back my final empties and swapped them for Velvet Teddy and Whirl.

Have you recycled your empties with Lush or MAC? Are there any other recycle schemes I should know about?

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