BADgal BANG! Benefit’s New Gravity-Defying Mascara *

I was given BADgal BANG! and have been wearing it daily since. So read on to hear my honest thoughts on whether BADgal BANG! is truly out of this World or just hype.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave you will have likely heard about the latest release from Benefit, BADgal BANG!. Possibly the most hyped-up product of all time, I had heard polarizing reviews from those who tried it pre-release so was excited to try it for myself.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Escentual X Benefit Out Of This World launch event. In addition to spending some time inside a rocket ship and enjoying some beauty chat over cocktails with Rachel and the Escentual team, Benefit filled me in on the science behind the product and the reason for such a secretive launch.

I was given BADgal BANG! and have been wearing it daily since. So read on to hear my honest thoughts on whether BADgal BANG! is truly out of this World or just hype.


Volumising Mascaras

I’ve always loved Benefit’s mascaras. My go-to for many years being They’re Real. I love the definition and length They’re Real creates. I have small eyelids and almond shaped eyes which mean false lashes fresh out the box don’t fit. So I have to cut them almost in half to be able to wear them comfortably and without hiding all my eye makeup. As a result I favour individual lashes, but find the faff too much for daily wear. They’re Real came as close to wearing false eyelashes as a mascara ever has for me. And with none of the faff, which secured it’s cult status with me and many others.

One of the first higher-end mascaras I purchased was Benefit’s Bad Gal. Predecessor to BADgal BANG! and another one which offered major volume. I’m starting my review with this nostalgic trip down mascara memory lane, to illustrate an important point. My preferences when it comes to mascara, which tend to focus on length and volume as a priority.

“BADgal BANG! 36-HOUR FULL-BLAST volumising mascara creates MASSIVE volume without weighing down lashes.”

Lashes Out Of This World

BADgal BANG! has been designed to address the concerns of customers who were looking for something really volumising -like They’re Real- but which was also lightweight. The way Benefit have achieved that with BADgal BANG! is really innovative. But it’s likely going to appeal most to those looking for lots of volume.

First Impressions

I’ve shown it on my lashes with no other makeup and without curling or brushing through. I had seen some feedback on Twitter when Benefit first lifted the lid on the launch, which commented on the fact it looked kind of clumpy. If you’re a fan of Rollerlash and a more natural looking lash, I can see that this might be too heavy on first inspection. However as I love volumizing mascaras like They’re Real, I wasn’t overly concerned or deterred from trying it myself on the basis of the photos I saw.

Now I’ve been wearing it a while I’d say it’s pretty similar in appearance to They’re Real, but with added volume. The key difference though is the weight, which I will go into more detail about below.

The Launch

The secrecy of the launch left us all guessing what link the space-themed marketing would have with the product (I wrongly guessed highlighters). And I think a lot of the focus has been on the big reveal, which means some of the USPs of this mascara have been lost in the hype of that. Speaking with other beauty bloggers, the general consensus was that a lot of the focus was on the Maldives press trip and what influencers got up to there, rather than the product itself.

However everyone I’ve spoken to who has tried BADgal BANG! has loved it. Which for me is the real litmus test. I think that sometimes the glossier the launch and the more extravagant the rewards influencers are given as a part of that, the more sceptical customers are. They’re Real and Roller Lash fans alike have told me they’ve fallen head over heels for this mascara. Although some have voiced that they had to try it a few times to perfect their application. Something I found myself.

So What Does It Claim To Do?

  • Last for 36 hours.
  • Lift, lengthen and volumise lashes.
  • Be super lightweight, as it uses clever space technology, in the form of aero particles (apparently used in spaceship doors!), one of the lightest known materials.
  • Be smudgeproof and water resistant.
  • Cover your lashes entirely, using the new 360 brush.
  • Be kind to your lashes and promote thickness and strength through ProVitamin B5.

Does It Really Last For 36 Hours?

In all honesty, I don’t know. Anyone who wears their mascara for 36 hours is due a lecture on the importance of good skincare and taking their makeup off at night. I’m aware it’s a marketing sound bite to illustrate the fact this product has good longevity. Although it’s not one I’m going to be testing! I’ve worn it from 7am until midnight and can confirm BADgal Bang! has good staying power, whilst being nice and straightforward to remove. I’ve found any micellar water will remove it effortlessly.

The Volume, Length and Lift

As far as volume, length and lift are concerned, BADgal BANG! is the awesome. It delivers dramatic results with one coat but can be layered well for more volume.

Is It Lightweight? And What’s With All The Space Stuff?

The reason for so much secrecy surrounding the launch was the totally innovative formula. Designed using space technology BADgal BANG! contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials. These coat your lashes and add tons of volume whilst not pulling them down.

Now I have to admit this appeals to me. I purchased an inordinately expensive Tempur matress (Absolutely no regrets, it’s legit like sleeping on a cloud) on the basis that it was made from material originally created to support astronauts during lift-off. I mean, if it’s good enough for NASA!

So I have to admit I was pretty impressed once I’d gotten the low down from Benefit. Now I’m really not one for ridiculous marketing claims in beauty, so can’t stress enough that if the mascara was pants it could have been created by Tim Peake and posted from the International Space Station for all I would care. But honestly, BADgal BANG! really does feel different.

The lightweight aspect is for me my favourite feature and the main reason I’ll be repurchasing this. It just feels like you’re not wearing mascara whilst delivering dramatic results.

Smudgeproof & Water Resistant

BADgal BANG! isn’t fully waterproof but I’ve had no issues with it coming off at all. I did notice a bit of smudging immediately after putting it on a few times. It’s a far wetter formula than other mascaras I’ve used so requires a slightly more careful application.

The 360 Brush

The brush is very unique, in that it’s made from an extremely flexible plastic. At the launch event I felt it without product on and was surprised at how soft it felt. The bristles all over the brush really do help you get into your corners and I’ve found it’s great for the bottom lashes.

BADgal BANG! – Out of this world? Or all hype?

Whilst the lavish launch may have slightly overshadowed BADgal BANG! initially, I can see why Benefit were so excited. BADgal BANG! is a truly innovative product and my new favourite mascara. So I’ll absolutely be picking up another tube when this one runs out. I’d love to know if you’ve tried it, what did you think?

BADgal BANG! is available from Escentual for £21.50.

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      1. Oh I know! I actually bought it because I know so many people loved Roller Lash and even you recommended it! Maybe I just have weird lashes that only like £3 mascara 🙁

  1. This mascara is everywhere at the moment and everyone is loving it. Great results with just one coat, volume and length, check! x


  2. “Anyone who wears their mascara for 36 hours is due a lecture on the importance of good skincare and taking their makeup off at night” – TOOOOOO true! I’m the same, anything good enough for NASA is definitely a big tick in my books. I love anything space-related. I’ll give it a go next time I’m at a counter! Hope you’re doing well my gal <3

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