Master Palette By Mario

Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario

On my birthday I was surprised with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario. I couldn’t believe it. My wonderful husband had managed to get hold of one. He’s become quite clued up with all things makeup. But even so I was impressed he remembered and surprised me!

The Modern Renaissance palette is one of my all time favourites. I feel Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow formula is unrivalled. Especially when it comes to their Ultra Mattes.

Being a fan of makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, I was so excited for this collaboration. However it quickly became apparent that getting hold of one wasn’t going to be straight forward. When my friend was in the states she checked several Sephoras and Ultas. But it was completely sold out everywhere. Makeup launches are very overhyped. Often I’ll decide to wait a while and see what the reviews are like. In the case of the Master palette, this just made me more gutted I had missed out.

It’s been 10 months since launch and I still found myself wishing I had got hold of it. So you can imagine my excitement in getting it now!

At first glance the shades included aren’t mind blowing. I get that. But that’s in part what appeals to me. This palette has been designed by Mario to work for everyone. It’s so versitile!

I made a conscious decision to stop buying makeup for a while. I wanted to hit pan on some of the products I already own. There are palettes in my collection like the beautiful Urban Decay Alice one which I’ve barely used. I don’t want to hoard things. And it’s easy to get into the habit of using ‘go to’ products and forgetting others.

Then throw into the mix the fact I’ll soon have a baby. I know realistically I’m not going to have as much time for things like getting ready. I love the Modern Renaissance palette and wear it regularly. However the pink and berry tones aren’t my everyday style. I really love that the Master palette, whilst neutral could be worn for the day or night. Every day or your wedding. And everything in between.

The shades included are named after women and places which inspire Mario.

Master Palette By Mario
Master Palette By Mario
Master Palette By Mario
Master Palette By Mario
eye swatch

Master Palette By Mario Look

I took a quick photo of a look I threw together using the Master palette (my eyebrows need sorting, oops!). I love how easily the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows blend. They’re so buttery in texture and the colour payoff is insane.

The next Z-palette I make will definitely be filled with Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows. If I had to pick one brand of eyeshadow to use forever, they would be any easy choice.

I decided not to review this palette properly with swatches etc. As it’s no longer for sale and is almost a year old. However if anyone wants to know further details or see swatches, let me know.

Is there a limited-edition product you regret not getting?

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  1. This palette looks stunning! I really want to try the Modern Renaissance but I love the look you created with this palette, really shows how blendable the shades are. If only it wasn’t limited edition! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. It is gorgeous, I love every shade and the look you created is so pretty!! I have been using more pink and purple eyeshadows lately, I love to add colour to my look!! Happy Friday Amy xx


  3. I’m pretty impressed that Aaron chose this for you, can you get him to speak to Matt?! 😀
    Love the shades in this palette and the look you created with it is so pretty!

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

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