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Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit In Gleam

Sorry things have been a bit quiet, I have a load of products I want to write about but it’s been a completely rubbish week. As you might have seen on my social channels, Bella, one of our cats died this week and whilst I know that’s the heart wrenching nature of having pets, it still sucks massively.

In an attempt to distract myself, I thought I would interrupt my planned schedule to rave about one of my holy grail products, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit which I have in Gleam.

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Last month I gave one of these away in a giveaway, which actually ended up being won by Rachel who happens to be an IRL -is that still a thing? Feels very 00s MSN- friend as well as a blogger. I promise it wasn’t a fix and we’re not in some sort of highlighter cartel, I used Rafflecopter but I kind of love it as it means I can witness the glow in person.

Glow Kit

One thing I love about this palette is the fact the shades actually work for all skintones (for once). I myself being pretty pale favour crushed pearl the most, it’s the only shade I can wear on it’s own but I typically like to drag my brush across all shades ending with crushed pearl for a slightly warmer tone.

As it’s about 493923492304 degrees in Wales at the moment -a pretty rare occurrence- I’ve got myself some semblance of a tan so have been loving wearing Mimosa on it’s own and pairing with orange toned nude lipsticks.

As you would expect from ABH these are all very pigmented and I would go as far as saying this is my all time favourite powder highlighter.

I wear it across my cheek bones, temples, cupids bow and nose tip, applying straight after foundation -quite roughly- with a fan brush. The warmer toned That Glow is likely going to be finding it’s way into my life soon and I’m desperate to get my hands on the new Sundipped version, despite reading numerous reviews that it’s probably not going to work for my skintone … My name’s Amy and I’m a highlight addict.

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    1. From what I’ve seen the other kits will be better suited to darker skintones but I find this one to be really versatile for myself. I want the new one too, it’s an addiction ha.

      Thanks Becky, our vets were awesome and tried absolutely everything they could but sadly it was out of their hands. It must be such a heartbreaking job but really rewarding I’m sure. x

    1. Thanks for your message May, sadly by lost I meant died, she got hit by a car 🙁 it’s really tough when anything happens to your pets though. Blah!

      The ABH Glowkits are immense, definitely lived up to the hype for me. x

    1. Thank you Victoria 🙁

      Highlighting and contouring are life, I bet you’ll be addicted when you get into it 🙂 x

  1. Lost my dog that I grew up with for 10 yrs, 2 yrs ago. I still miss her today. Stay strong and just remember that she’s had a great life with people like you who have been there to love and care for her. On another note – I love Anastasia products but I can never perfect contour and highlight so I pretty much just never wear it! Haha x

    1. Ah I’m sorry Yuka, it’s so tough. Thank you, appreciate your comment <3

      Ha! I've wondered if it would work as an incredibly over the top shimmery eyeshadow, you should investigate! xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your cat lovely, I lost mine last year and it’s a horrible time my thoughts are with you.

    I have been meaning to try this glow kit for ages now. I love your ending I am sooo a highlight addict too but I’m always trying to find the perfect highlight…maybe this could be my one! xx

    Tash |

    1. Thanks Tash, argh sorry to hear that it’s the worst.

      Ah in that case I think you would like this, I hope you get to try it out xx

  3. I started wearing a highlighter not long ago,and I am obsessed! I don’t own many and I have so many to try and my wishlist is huge! 🙂 So sorry about your cat.


    1. Haha 🙂 My wishlist is huge I think I’m one step away from swatching my Naked palette direct to my cheekbones. Thanks Yiota x

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