I’m Amy, a 30-something introvert who dreams of my bed and wanderlust in equal measures. I live in Wales, with my husband Aaron, our daughter Aurora and two furry dictators cats. Definitely not a fashion blogger, I’m prone to spending far longer in pyjamas than is socially acceptable. Although I’m completely obsessed with makeup and skincare, I could natter on about my favourite products for hours. Traveling is one of my favourite pastimes and I have a particular thing about cold countries and those within the Arctic Circle.

I married my Husband Aaron in Iceland, after we canceled our UK wedding -with just three months to go- and eloped. Surrounded by just our close family, we said our vows in a nook of Solheimajokull glacier. With a backdrop of glacial blue ice and black volcanic sand under our feet. Having already bought my Vera Wang princess dress and three tier cake, we had some logistical challenges to overcome. But we pulled it off and it was the most incredible day.

In late 2017, I had a little girl who we named Aurora. Whilst I couldn’t love her and the experience of being her mother more, it hasn’t been without its challenges. There’s so much pressure piled on new Mums, I vividly remember the moment where the curtain dropped and I realised the image of motherhood we’re force-fed is about as realistic as the advice ‘sleep when baby sleeps’. Follow our journey as I attempt to navigate motherhood, whilst writing honestly about the less-glossy aspects of parenting, from postnatal depression to poo-splosions.