50 Happy Things

I’ve always wanted to do the 100 Happy Days project, but haven’t for fear of not completing it or annoying people with daily posts. Also I think it would be pretty hard and I would end up taking them in bulk.

With that said it’s such a nice idea, this post is heavily inspired by it, 50 things which make me happy, on this cloudy Wednesday.

Laughing at Vine videos.
The smell of fresh washing.
A cold can of Diet Coke.
Cats noses.
Thinking about whale songs and how cute / amazing that whole topic is.
Fresh bedding.
When it’s warm enough to swim in the sea.
Starting a new project.
When my succulents grow more succulents.
Finding a new song I love and listening to it on repeat.
When a restaurant has multiple veggie options.
Seeing whales in the wild.
Getting addicted to a tv series and binge watching it.
Laughing when you’re not supposed to.
Catching up on shows in the bath.
Feeling nostalgic about 80s / 90s music, clothes and toys.
Finding a new blog to read that I love.
When the weather forecast promises snow.
When I like a design I’ve done enough I keep looking at it.
Bright blue glacier ice.
Jacket potatoes.
Planning trips.
When both eyebrows or eyeliner flicks turn out the same.
Iced coffee.
Onsies and pyjamas generally.
Scented candles.
When you leave a bug in your code overnight then instantly know the fix when you look at it the next day.
When my Instagram is colour balanced.
Awesome natural light days.
Reading comments on my blog posts.
Anything chocolate orange.
Personal jokes.
Olbas oil.
Taking photos.
Remembering I’m marrying my best friend in 52 days!
Looking in rock pools at the beach.
Make up deliveries.
Lush baths.
Getting hooked on a good book.
Things that glow in the dark.
Geothermal pools and hot springs, why isn’t Wales on top of a volcano?
Wearing my wedding dress around the house.
Seeing the stars.
Road trips.
When my highlight and contour are on point.
Decorating our home.
Playing the Sims.
Duvet days.
The build up to seasonal stuff like Halloween and Christmas.

Do any of these things make you happy too?

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  1. this is such a lovely post. everything about cats makes me happy and having a day to myself with some shopping, good food and a pamper night.

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