3 Favourites – Naked 2 palette shades

The Naked 2 palette was the second in the series I got from Urban Decay, after falling in love with the original and I think it’s probably my second favourite but I’m guilty of going through phases with them. I tend to use my Naked palettes as my day-to-day eyeshadows and I’ll usually reach for whichever one is on top in the drawer which currently happens to be the Naked 2 palette.

As I write this post I’m reminded of just how long a Naked palette lasts for, these photos make it look like I hardly use it but I’ve had it for over a year and use it frequently. I’ve only had to replace one shade in a Naked palette ever and that’s Sin from the original, seeing pan on that was a sad day.

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Besides the Naked collection I tend to gravitate towards mattes more, but no one does a shimmer like Urban Decay and they usually have such good colour payoff so two have made their way into my favourites.

With that said though, my favourite shade from this palette is of course a matte: Tease. I’m obsessed with this colour, it’s like a mushroomy kind of light brown and it can be worn as a bold block colour or smoked out really nicely, which is my current lazy eye make-up du jour. It’s a great base shade too so whatever look I’m doing from the Naked 2, I tend to wear this all over as a base and bring it down under my eye.


My second favourite is Busted, it’s got a good shimmer to it but it’s quite subtle and doesn’t leave heaps of glitter fall out on your face when blended, I like to use this with Tease to do a smoky cut crease.


Lastly from this palette my favourite of the metallics is YDK, an almost copper shade which is so glittery I pack it on the lid to glam up any nude eye look I feel needs a bit more glam.

Swatched from bottom to top: Tease, YDK & Busted.


Would any of these shades make it into your top 3 list?

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  1. I love this palette I bought it over two years ago and I have nearly hit pan on every shade I love 🙁 It’s a sorry state. I adore Tease myself I use it in my outer corner as I love a brown outer lid and a bright shimmery inner corner 🙂 x

    1. It’s well worth picking up, it’s so versatile! Chopper is another lovely coppery shade, I love how warm the colours are in this palette x

  2. Tease and chopper are my faves, I like to blend tease out through the crease and then do chopper kind of in the middle of the lid with a little bootycall on the inner corner for a quick and easy everyday look. Busted and YDK are awesome tooo, best palette ever <3

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