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Antipodes are a brand I discovered through blogging. I was sent one of their serums and face masks to review which opened my eyes to organic skincare products. Prior to trying these I had a preconception that natural products wouldn’t be as effective, so was pleasantly surprised that after a month of using the Worship serum I noticed improvements to my skin, although I put some of that down in part to the fact I was using a serum at all.

Whilst I’ve since incorporated serums into my daily skincare routine (hello Pure HA Serum) at that time after trailing the product for my blog I stopped using the Worship serum on a regular basis. It’s fair to say that whilst I liked the products I had tried, I didn’t see Antipodes and natural products generally for contenders against some of my not-so-natural skincare favourites.

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Well I’m willing to admit that I was totally wrong; One of my all time favourite products, Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, ran out three months ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. Instead I’ve been using only Antipodes cleansers and my skin has been the best it’s been in a year.

These products arrived in my final months of wedding planning and so there was no time to do a ‘currently trialling post’, I ripped the packaging off and started using them immediately. It felt like a bit of a gamble, swapping out some of the most crucial elements of a skincare routine in the weeks before my wedding but that’s what I did and it really paid off.

My skin had been pretty bad, with the stress, rushing around and caning the coffee I had permanent spots. I had pretty much resided myself to the fact I would have at least a spot on my wedding but by sticking to a strict skincare routine and cutting out some of my bad habits, my skin calmed down in time.

The first cleanser I tried was the Grapeseed Butter Cleanser. This is the product which acts as a direct replacement for Emma Hardie, it’s of a similar consistency and lifts make-up and dirt from the skin with the same power. In addition to the grapeseed it’s made using harekeke, cacao butter and hibiscus flower giving it a really nice exfoliating texture. It also features beeswax which gives it a distinctive scent, this is really specific but the scent reminds me of school trips and a manor house here in Wales called Llancaiach Fawr, it’s supposedly haunted and you make your own traditional Victorian candles there from rolled up beeswax, which is where I’m taken back to every time I get a sniff of this product.

As with Emma Hardie Amazing Face balm a little of this cleanser goes a long way, it’s lasted me about three months of twice-daily use. As with all Antipodes products all the ingredients are natural and in this cleanser 76% are of organic origin.

Now firmly believing in the power of natural cleansers, I received two cream cleansers to review about three months ago and have been using these on rotation since. Both have really different qualities so I like to use all three depending on the situation.

Hallelujah is a lime and patchouli cleanser -I’m having a pachouli revival of late- with one of my new favourite ingredients in, Avocado oil. This product is quite thick in consistency and can be applied dry, after application I rinse off using circular motions. It’s naturally fragrant and leaves skin with a fresh, clean feeling. This product doesn’t lift make up like a cleansing balm, so I tend to use this in the evening as part of my double cleanse, having removed my make-up with something else.

Juliet is a skin-brightening gel cleanser which I have to admit, is my favourite. packed full of natural ingredients like kiwifruit and Manuka honey. It feels a little sticky and has an unusual brown colour -like the Worship serum- which could be off-putting for natural skincare newbies, but persevere as this cleanser is pretty special. In addition to leaving skin feeling refreshed, this product visibly brightens the skin which I can’t get enough of.

This cleanser is also less effective than the cleansing balm at lifting make up, so I use this for my morning cleanse each day. You’ll want to wet your face and neck before use, then apply gently and wash off to reveal bright, clean skin. I’m almost at the bottom of my bottle of Juliet but already know it’s a product I’ll be restocking.

This trio of cleansers seems to be really working for my skin at the moment and I love the peace of mind you get from knowing all the ingredients are 100% natural.

When it comes to natural skincare, consider me converted!

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