Scenic Drives And Wildlife Corridors In And Around Banff

25th February 2019
wildlife corridor scenic drive

Nestled amongst the Canadian Rockies, Banff is a landscape lovers dream. We visited last October / November, spending two weeks going between Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. Millions of visitors are drawn to this part of Canada each year, hoping to see the mountain wildlife.

We opted to visit in the colder Autumn / early Winter, which meant bears would be going into hibernation but it would be rutting season for the elk. This also meant we avoided crowds, often being the only people at a location. 

The entire town of Banff is a little bit like a mountain safari. Elk and deer regularly wander around the town and just a few minutes drive away you can find 53 types of mammals who call the national parks home. To protect the wildlife from Alberta’s busy highways, there are lots of wildlife corridors throughout Banff. These are speed restricted roads without fences or barriers, so the animals can pass safely through. And in addition to the wildlife corridors, there are a number of scenic drives which are well-signposted and show off some of the surrounding natural beauty.